DUNGA White Perforated Sandals

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Sandals are the most enduring shoe types, having been around in one form or the other since humanity first conceived the idea of protection for their feet. People choose to wear sandals for several reasons, among them comfort in warm weather, economy (sandals tend to require less material than shoes and are usually easier to construct), and as a fashion choice. Sandals can be worn both outdoors and indoors making them an especially popular choice among people of all genders, ages, and sizes. We offer variations to fit every foot and client as well as varying styles to satisfy your fashion sensibilities.

Dunga flops, named after Dunga beach, as the name suggests they were TRULY  designed for the beach and warm sunny days when you just want to show OFF your toes. This is a unisex design and both men and women and can ROCK!

when you need your feet to breathe and relax. The perforated Dunga is BEST you just wanna Your comfort and style are our number one priority. Be it for work, official or social occasion, shoes need to be comfortable, practical, and stylish. Here at VaaKenya, we aim to make certain that our shoes are made with this in mind.

Key Features

Uppers -White leather 

Lining -Soft velvet 

Sole -Rubber sheet 

Design-Slip in flop 


Colour -White on Brown instep 

Gender - Unisex 

Material -Leather 

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