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Executive summary

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VaaKenya is a shoe manufacturer and retailer based in Doonholm, Greenfield shopping center.VaaKenya began in 2017 when our founders discovered the huge gap in the African footwear market. This was affirmed by the lack of standard African shoe sizes in both global and local supply chains. We thus embarked on the journey of dignifying African feet by making footwear fit for our feet shapes, sizes, our unique climates, and our environments.  

Onboard with us are well-trained artisans with years of experience and youth with fresh new ideas and together we make a magical team that is intent on its mission to dignify African feet a pair of shoes at a time.

Our mission is to dignify African feet, a pair of shoes at a time.



A brief history of our product

When we started our company, we were making both casual and formal shoes but we were not making school shoes. From our interaction with clients, we started receiving requests from clients to customize school shoes for their children. Then the journey to customize school shoes that are most fit for the Kenyan student began in 2018. Our school shoe is made from the high-quality leather sourced locally, they are lighter, fully padded for comfort, very durable and most importantly, ideal for temperature regulation to keep the feet fresh and healthy as students learn and engage. 

 The VaaKenya school shoe


Materials used:


Uppers - VaaKenya school shoes are made using high-quality cow upper leather from our local tanneries which is very durable and comfortable.

lining - We use sheep skin leather lining in the inside to ensure that the shoe can breathe and absorb sweat from the feet in order to keep the feet fresh and avoid yeast and bacterial infections in the feet and also keep bad odor away.

 sole - TPR We use lighter soles which ensure that the shoes are light to the feet to keep their pace fast and easy.

 laces - cotton






Our proposal                                                                                                                                                                                                  

School uniforms are a very important part of the school system as they represent uniformity which brings forth a sense of equality, identity, and pride to the school and the students. Shoes however have not always been uniform with different students wearing different designs with the exception of color. We offer the opportunity to unify the student’s feet by partnering with us to make a design specific to your school as part of the official school uniform. It will also enable the school to ensure quality and is delivered to the feet of every student. As they say, it is amazing what a comfortable pair of shoes does to one's power of concentration. Being able to ensure that every student is in a comfortable pair of shoes will be able to ensure a notable increase in the general performance of the students.

Our proposal is a partnership between our two companies, VaaKenya limited and your school. Our main mission is to dignify African feet and where best to start than at the cradle of all adults which are the children. In this arrangement, we will be the sole supplier of school shoes for your students and we will adhere to the agreed standards of quality to ensure that every student is uniform in quality and comfort. The school will in turn get a kickback of an agreed percentage for every shoe sold to their students. Being a young company based in Doonholm, we are best placed for this partnership as we can give every client personalized care in regards to size customization, repairs, and exchanges in cases of unfitting sizes. 

In our request for partnership, we are to enter into an MOU with the school where we intend to be the sole supplier of school shoes to your students as officially part of your school uniform and shall be communicated to the parents. This will optimize revenue for both parties. We can come to an arrangement where the parents buy from us using a code unique to your school and you enjoy a kickback from the sale of every shoe or the school decides to buy the shoes from us in bulk at agreed rates then sells them to the parents with a markup. 

We understand schools only consider uniforms and supplies but that is about to change since we provide you with an opportunity to supply your students with footwear for the first time in history! 






Physical Location- Donholm, greenfield shopping centre