BOHO Denim CadetBlue Half Boot

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Ankle boots, also known as half-boots, while not as popular as knee-high boots have had a resurgence in popularity with the turn of the 20th Century. Their versatility and ability to go well with just about everything make ankle boots the ideal pair of shoes for both smart and casual wear. They can be worn by both men and women, making them very popular. Here at VaaKenya we offer an eclectic mix with a Kenyan touch not only ensuring class and comfort but also variation to match your every desire.

At VaaKenya our main priority is producing comfortable shoes for the African feet and for the African climate. While shoe design is a big part of this, so is the material we use to make them. Denim is one of the world’s most iconic fabrics. The moment you say the words “denim jeans,” everyone around you knows what you’re talking about. Denim is popular across national and cultural boundaries. The reason for denim’s crossover success was its durability and repairability, which appealed to miners in the American West during the Gold Rush of the 1800s. This, however, means that even after getting discarded, the material’s nonbiodegradability means it does more harm than good to the environment. Here at VaaKenya, we recycle the material to use in shoemaking. The material is ideal for use in making shoes for the African market. The high moisture-wicking quality of denim is one reason why. Denim shoes, in addition to being breathable, quickly transfer sweat from your feet to the fabric before quickly drying it out to ensure sweat doesn’t soak through the fabric. This ensures feet don’t stink even after walking across the very hot African terrain which is in keeping with our mission to dignify African feet. Here at VaaKenya, we offer you a variety of denim shoes to fit your style and desires.

Your comfort and style are our number one priority. Be it for work, official or social occasion, shoes need to be comfortable, practical, and stylish. Here at VaaKenya, we aim to make certain that our shoes are made with this in mind.

Key Features

Uppers -Denim

Lining -Breathable soft cotton

Sole -Light and flexible sole

Design- Boho half boot 


Colour -CadetBlue(as sen in the picture)

Gender - Unisex

Material -Denim 

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